There are hundreds of large-scale outdoor events held in Hong Kong each year. These events consume thousands of disposable tableware at once, immensely increasing the burden of our landfills. That's why we are pleased to launch a new tableware rental service for large-scale outdoor events in order to help those events achieve ZERO WASTE goal.




17 W x 14 L x 4.5 H(cm)


How to rent?

Free Distribution

Organiser estimates and rents the necessary amount of tableware. Provide the reusable tableware to the food / beverage stalls. Participants use and return the tableware.

Deposit System


We Use set up “Tableware station” at the event venue. Participants will pay deposit fee for a set of tableware. Deposit will be refunded after returning.

How We Work?

1. Set up “tableware stations” and post signage and set up collection boxes)

2. Distribute tableware to f&b stalls/ event participants get a set of clean tableware

3. Participants enjoy food and drinks with We Use tableware

4. Guide event participants to return used tableware to the “tableware return station”

Who we work with?


•Rent tableware

•Provide tableware return area

•Encourage participants to use reusable tableware

F&B Stalls

•Serve with We Use tableware 

•Implement the reuse system with We Use

We Use

•Provide tableware

•Set up return stations and signages

•On-site distribution and collection

Basic information we need to know about your event:


•Event date & time

•Event location & floor plan

•No. of event participants

•Indoor/ outdoor

•Any fixed eating area

•No. of main exits

•No. of food & beverage stalls

•Type and quantity of food and beverage available

E    T +852 6586 2244 (Alice)

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