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There are hundreds of marathon or large-scale outdoor events held in Hong Kong each year. These events consume thousands of disposable cups at once, immensely increasing the burden of our landfills. That's why we are pleased to launch a new water cup rental service for large-scale outdoor events in order to help those events achieve ZERO WASTE goal.

•Testified food grade Polypropylene


•Suitable for -20 - 100°C


•Suitable for high temperature sterilization


•Shock resistance


•280ML volume


•Cup diameter 7cm (Head-cup rim), 10.5cm tall

Our Service Flow


1. Clean cups delivered with plastic containers


2. Open the container and use the cups directly


3. Set up water cups for event needs


4. Racers return used cups into collection boxes

Water Station Settings


Self-help Water Station


Racer fill water in We Use cup and return to collection box after use


Race Track Water Station

In the race track, We Use cups are used directly for water. We provide below service:

- Reusable cup signage

- Cup return boxes set up in 5, 20, 50meter after water stations

- Water station helpers to encourage racers to return their cups and collect used cups

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