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We think about use

WE believe in better utilization of resources as a respect to the Earth. By providing better alternatives, we transform our’s practice of USE.



Hong Kong people dispose more than 175 tons of disposable tableware to the landfill every day. In order to reduce the burden of our landfill, We Use has reduced usage of more than 490,000 pieces of one-off tableware in more than 600 events last year.


Tableware Rental

We provide reusable cutlery rental and cleansing service for large-scale F&B events in Hong Kong. We help event organizers reduce solid wastes in festive parties, carnivals, music concerts, outdoor weddings etc. By replacing disposable cutlery usage with high quality washable serveware.



We assist event organisers to achieve ZERO Waste goal by providing alternative tableware solutions and on-site support, bringing a different event experience to participants.

Tableware Reuse System

We Use provide rental services for a large variety of tableware and offer delivery service to the event site. Food and beverage can be served with We Use tableware directly. We Use will collect the used tableware. Professional washing and storage will be done and the tableware is ready for use next time!


Suitable Event Types

We serve in large-scale events, carnivals, beer festivals, Pun Choi Feast, outdoor weddings, parties etc...

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T +852 6933 4011

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